Winter and Carpeting

Posted: 03/01/2010

Every state, every country, even every island has inclement weather at one point or another. Some have more and some have less but there is always a good storm or two that kicks a town around.

Orange County is no exception to this rule by any means with summer and spring storms and the cold and wet of winter.

As far as weather goes in causing harm to your carpets it is safe to assume that you can fend a lot of it off by simply not wearing shoes in your home. If it is warm and raining or freezing and snowing you will bring in moisture and an array of debris and particles on your shoes.

That said, there are many conditions that can arise to negatively impact your flooring and its condition.

Winter is probably one of the worst times for carpets and if they could speak they might let you know that. Carpeting is a great asset at this time for the insulation it provides but the snow that gets compacted on shoes, stuck to pants and snow suits and so on will melt and end up sinking into your carpeting, brining along with it untold amounts of dirt, now mud, soil and anything else it came in contact with.

It is impossible to make sure that everyone that comes home from work or playing outside in the snow is going to leave the weather outside and you home and carpeting perfectly clean, it just doesn't work this way.

In winter the heat is on non stop and people are more lethargic. Cleaning still gets done but dust settles and it can easily get trapped in the fibers of your carpeting leaving quite a mess to be made worse the minute that moisture is introduced to it.

As the seasons change and weather patterns follow you will want to keep up with the cleaning of your carpets with regular vacuuming and any surface spot cleaning you can do yourself, but when the winter is done you might want to schedule a carpet cleaning yearly to relieve your carpets of all the deposits it has received over the months. This is normally a busy time for Orange County carpet cleaning companies and there is good reason for that, to let those carpets be in great shape for another year before winter hits again.

Be sure to consult with your trusted local carpet cleaning service before each winter to make sure your carpeting is up for the tough challenge of winter and to see if your carpet is a good candidate for any anti staining treatments, as well as anti static since much of the heat used in winter can be steam, creating moisture and providing those much disliked little blue shocks. An anti stain application can be quite effective throughout the winter and help you to maintain your carpeting before the carpet cleaning company can get to you.

Anyway you look at it, winter is tough on carpets, and the best way to handle it is to be prepared!

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