The Party

Posted: 01/19/2009

So you've just had the best party you've ever thrown at your house. Maybe it's the best party anyone has ever thrown in all of Baltimore!

Everyone had a great time and you could tell that by the fun that was being had, the fact that no one wanted to leave at the end of the night and the mess that is left over from many hours of enjoyment and revelry.

So now its time to get some sleep or is it time to get to work? Usually at this point, with the exception of a little surface cleaning, after such a busy and entertaining evening sleep is what is beckoning and cleaning is what can wait until tomorrow.

And there you are. Finally awake and as clear headed as the fog in your brain will let you be and the view before you is telling you that either a bomb exploded in your house in Baltimore last night or as last night slowly reveals itself to you in the best way that memory can serve, a party occurred. The latter is correct and now you see what is left and what must be taken care of.

First you start on all the empty, half empty and unexplainable still full cups of various drinks and spirits and disposing of them. Then comes the removing of plates, bowls, food and dips and wiping all the areas where these were for your guests.

After that you wipe down your counters, tables and start to vacuum. Vacuuming, this is a good idea since an array of edible offerings from last night has fallen to the ground. And then there they are, stains and spills, food, dip and odd color drinks have infested your carpeting. Now you wonder how you will ever get your deposit back on your rental.

You can live with it, wait until your lease is almost up, lose the money and not take care of it, or you can take the responsible route that will also save you much more money than what you stand to lose with your apartment's deposit.

Fear not when this situation arises. You can, of course, go to the store and purchase cleaning supplies, but why let that be your only answer. Having fun and planning the party was easy and there is an easy answer when these things happen, call a local Baltimore carpet cleaning company to come and ascertain the situation and get your carpets back to their original, clean and fresh smelling state.

It is easy to have fun and it is easy to let carpets go, especially when they might not belong to you, but for the cleanest and most responsible of living conditions you can easily find someone to take care of your carpet cleaning needs and also be sure to salvage your good name with property management companies.

Next time you throw a party make sure that your to do shopping list includes a visit by a carpet cleaning professional so you can enjoy your evening even more!

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