The Creepies That Roam In Your Carpets!

Posted: 01/12/2009

We have all heard of the things that go bump in the night. There are movies with lurking shadows, dread around every corner, fear of who might be in the house and feeling as if someone is watching you, but have you heard about the creepies that roam in your carpets?

Is it a new movie about aliens that attack your home? Is it a book that tells the tale of monsters who take the form of your homes carpeting just waiting to pounce and attack?

No, it is none of the above as the dastardly creatures spoken of in this article are dust mites. Doesn't sound as exciting now if you say it out loud, dust mites, but just wait until you hear what they're doing in your Washington DC homes carpeting.

Dust mites are little microscopic critters that live in your home on your beds, pillows, all of your furniture and in your carpeting where they feed off the dead skin cells that fall from your and your family's body. See, I told you it gets better!

You and your family get to walk on them, sit on them and even sleep on them everyday!

While they live a very short life span of two months (for some people that can be too long) they reproduce at an alarming rate and you can have hundreds of thousands of them living in areas of your home. And with that many dust mites living, that means there are dust mite bodies of the deceased dust mites, as well as dust mite droppings that are all over your Washington DC home!

Since dust mites thrive in your homes condition, eating well from the skin that carelessly drops from your body and soaking in all the moisture it needs to survive, your home, as well as everyone's home is nothing short than a perfect environment for them.

A extremely effective way to go after not only the dust mite, but its "leftovers" is to regularly vacuum your furniture and carpeting with a good, quality vacuum cleaner that has a newer bag attached to it.

By consulting with a Washington DC carpet cleaning company you can work wonders towards combating these unwelcome intruders, such as professional sanitizing and carpeting cleaning to get them form the bottom and also upholstery cleaning for your furnishings to get them at the top!

Cleanliness is one of the enemies of the dust mite and your attention to this will greatly lessen the amount of dust mites in your home. No matter how hard you may try you will never be able to completely rid yourself of this invisible nuisance, but just like the things that go bump in the night, what you can't see might not be able to hurt you, but it can sure leave you feeling unsettled, so make sure to regularly vacuum, have carpet cleaning performed and remember that your upholstery should be taken care of, as well to ward of massive numbers of the creepies in your carpets!

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