Static Electricity

Posted: 11/11/2008

So you are walking across a room in your Houston home and you get to the door and as you reach to turn the handle ZAP!, you get shocked by that little blue spark. You are getting out of your vehicle and you grab the latch and again ZAP!, you get shocked again! It's late and you want a snack, as you meander your way from the living room to the kitchen you throw a finger toward the light switch and there it is again (only louder) ZAP!, another shock! At work, long day, want to go home, feeling sleepy, almost to the water cooler, ZAP!

Are you a super hero unknown to even yourself with electricity coursing through your veins? Have aliens zapped you with some body altering ray? Are you a secret government experiment with amnesia about your electrical abilities? Sorry to say, but no, you aren't, however you are an excellent conductor for static electricity and while it can be amusing at first, excessive amounts and occurrences of this can be rather bothersome.

The main reason you are experiencing this can be explained by just looking down at your feet. The ground you walk on, or rather the carpeting you are walking on picks up a charge that is caused by the friction of your feet, especially when you are barefoot, and the carpeting that when introduced to something metallic, like door knobs and latches, light switches with that have electricity running to them already and widows, bed frames and any other conductive object.

If you enjoy this charge, the shock and zapping of static electricity than you are in luck as it can occur often, however if you find it to be an annoyance you can consult with a carpet cleaning company to treat your Houston home or workplace carpets with an anti static treatment application, that can also help in being a humidifier.

Anti static treatments are available over the counter, as well, but many of them cause a sticky residue to be left on your carpeting that is quite an attractor for dirt and soil. Taking in to account the importance of your carpeting at home and work, the last thing anyone would want is to have perform a cleaning based on the cost of do it yourself cleaning. When having this treatment applied your best bet is to let the pros handle it so you don't do any damage to your carpeting calling for clean carpet to be re-cleaned and possibly replaced due to any left over residue that promotes dirty carpet.

When you are purchasing new carpet you will find that many of the new types made by all manufacturers have anti static treatments already pre-treated.

Always remember to consult with a carpet cleaning company that has experience in suing these sorts of chemicals to learn not only the benefits of them, but also if there are any dangers such as allergic reactions and asthma that can be set off by the chemicals in the treatment.

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