Squeaks and New Carpeting

Posted: 04/02/2009

When you have purchased a new home here in Las Vegas and decide to rehab it there are many things that need to be done to get it exactly how you want it to look. Perhaps you will be taking walls down to make a room larger, adding walls to add perspective, re-painting inside and outside, pulling out the carpeting or flooring to add wood floors or picking new carpet for the whole house. No matter the amount you will be tackling there is a lot of work and for everything you are doing you should be ready to meet any challenges that may present themselves while you redo your new Las Vegas home.

If you do decide to replace all of the carpeting in your home and you have pulled it out down to the original floor and discover an old wood floor you might find that since it is older there stands the possibility that it can become creaky and make for annoying noises that you weren't expecting because if you lay that padding and carpet prior to taking care of any problems with squeaking you have actually just guaranteed yourself the chance to hear those squeaks for the duration of the time that you live in the home.

Before you put the carpeting and padding in make sure to walk the entire home, every room front to back at least a couple of times to find if there are any areas that make noise. Mark the areas so you know where they are after you've found them and continue on until you feel you have found them all.

After you have done this have some talcum powder or graphite powder available and sprinkle this in to the cracks in the floorboard where you have found the squeaks. Brush the powder in to the cracks and wipe away any powder that is leftover and voila, you have just solved you squeaking floor problem. As a side note, do not let the powder get wet before you lay the carpeting, otherwise you will have to do this again.

When you are installing your new carpeting it will be a wise decision to consult with the sales center where you have purchased it or with your local Las Vegas carpet cleaning company about the best way to clean your new carpeting and map out a schedule that will work well for you in order to keep it in the best shape you can for the length of time that you have the carpet.

Residential carpet cleaning companies are usually some of the best people you can speak with for this as their operations are in place to work for you and they have the years of experience when dealing with carpeting and homes.

If you find that any squeaks reappear or new ones arise you can also get assistance from your preferred Las Vegas carpet cleaning company to lift any areas safely, causing no damage to your carpet and padding and perform he necessary steps to remove the annoying sound.

Best of luck with your new home!

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