Pet Stains in Portland

Posted: 09/16/2008

It's a special day for old and young alike when they go to their local Portland pet store or animal shelter and pick up that new dog or puppy, kitten or adult cat they've always wanted. There are plenty of purchases to be made and most are happy to oblige when bringing a pet home. Leash and collar, food, water and food bowls, toys and treats and so on and nothing but happiness and companionship is thought of to come from the new pet.

The enjoyment of this new addition to a person or family's life tends to outshine the various realities that occur with pets, whether there are puppies, kittens or grown animals, and that is the mess that can and undoubtedly does take place from potty training. The animals(s) are now in a new environment and while it is not an ideal situation it is perfectly realistic that accidents will happen to most if not all people who bring an animal into their lives.

Stains that are the result of pet "accidents" tend to be difficult to remove if using a method such as hot water and a towel. For urine stains this will help in removing the surface effects from the liquid however other forms of matter will set in and rubbing them out of the carpeting actually ends up rubbing them deeper into the carpet.

In most cases the stain is not the only the issue that a person needs to be attentive to. The smells that are omitted from these pet mishaps do persist and appropriate carpet cleaning and disinfecting is the only true option to remove what a person might not be able to any longer see, but definitely smell. Animals tend to "mark" their territory and when a new pet is introduced to a home any pre-existing animals have a tendency to perform this show of strength further staining and adding a smell to flooring and carpet. As mentioned above, the fear of new environments can result in many accidents from your pet, or one a person may be watching for family or friends, until they are comfortable in a new home or situation and the resulting mess must be attended to.

There are various cleaning products sold at your local Portland stores and markets that are advertised to aid in remedying these situations. However, they do not usually perform up to the levels required when removing pet stains and odors left behind from animals going to the bathroom on someone's floors or carpets.

Carpet cleaning is especially helpful as opposed to powders and sprays that merely mask a smell instead of actual cleaning and disinfecting, especially if it is cats that have made the mess, as cat urine, more than other animals urine will leave behind a smell that is very difficult to extract if not removed properly as it can soak into the padding of carpet and remain there until either cleaned or the carpet is replaced.

Be sure before any carpet cleaning that you are not doing more damage to your carpeting and floors or pets before using certain products for keeping a clean environment in your Portland home and the continued enjoyment of your pet.

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