Organic Carpet Cleaning and Other Methods

Posted: 02/02/2009

Organic foods are very popular as of late here in Philadelphia and beyond for their taste, lack of chemicals and that makes people feel better about eating them, and it should. All too often there are chemicals being found in everything from plastic to potatoes and these are not good for people, their family and their health.

While this much needed push towards organic foods has come at a great time, especially for health conscious people, not many of them are aware that they can have their carpets cleaning with organic cleaning supplies.

This method of carpet cleaning is considered a dry cleaning technique. While it does actually employ a small amount of moisture it is just the right amount to remove all of the soil and other particles, stains and problems from your carpeting.

It acts, in essence like a moist paper towel that has just enough moisture in it, but does not leave the surface wet for more than a few seconds or minutes.

After your carpets are cleaned with an organic carpet cleaning you can walk on it immediately after the carpets have been serviced, as there is no need for any water to be extracted such as when a shampooing or hot water extraction cleaning is performed.

While this is a great method of cleaning there are also others that deserve equal attention. The organic idea is a great one, but this is not something a person will be eating and it is not something that is any more allergen and toxin free than the other types of carpet cleanings that are performed here in Philadelphia.

Hot water extraction does use water but the machines are so strong and thorough that the odds of any water being left behind can only be due to a faulty machine (which can affect any type of cleaning process) or a lack of experience and knowledge on the part of the technician.

Hot water extraction is perhaps the most popular of all of the carpet cleaning systems in and outside of Philadelphia and a method such as this, to be so trusted must have its perks as well. Hot water extraction is very good for removing stains and hard to clean spots, sanitizing and all around cleaning. The only downside to hot water extraction is the possibility of it removing some of the pre treated anti staining applications your carpet many have on it.

Shampooing a carpet is a fairly popular way to clean carpets and offers much of the same in the way of carpet cleaning that the previously mentioned ones do, but it can leave soap residue behind and that can affect you, your family, your pets or those who suffer certain kinds of allergies.

Foam methods are also popular when you want to be able to immediately walk on your carpets after cleaning, however these also can leave a residue on your homes carpeting. There are many Philadelphia carpet cleaning companies which can provide this service for you.

Make sure that you understand everything you need to before you have your carpets professionally cleaned and that you are getting the best and most effective cleaning for your carpets!

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