In-between Carpet Cleanings

Posted: 06/09/2009

Sometimes the stains and debris that ends up in your carpeting can cause it to look so dirty that you will have to call one of your local San Jose carpet cleaning companies to come out and care for your flooring. This is a necessary and normal situation because everything gets dirty and it must be cleaned at some point or another.

The problem though is that no carpet cleaning process is going to keep your carpeting clean forever and it will get dirty again and require another cleaning.

It is suggested by most carpet manufacturers that you have your carpets and rugs cleaned at twelve to twenty four month intervals, depending on how much use your carpets get and how dirty they become. That suggestion of time between carpet cleanings is a suggestion and you must be aware of anything that affects your carpeting and any new soiling and staining that takes place.

You will want to watch for different types of things between these cleanings and if you do any carpet care or surface carpet cleaning yourself you will want to make sure that you don't use too much soap as this can leave a reside behind that can cause fading in your carpets color and also skin irritation for anyone in contact with concentrated soap residue.

Perform as much vacuuming as you think your carpets need. Vacuuming is the best defense against carpet damage and it will help to extract much of the dust and other particles that can be a nuisance to your carpeting on a daily basis. There is nothing that can be done about dust, in fact much of the dust in a home is actually human skin and this attracts dust mites who breed quite quickly and thereby have eggs and larvae in your carpeting. It sounds a bit disgusting but they are a normal part of everyday life in just about everything and everywhere you and everyone else goes, but by proper vacuuming with a vacuum that is in good shape and doesn't allow for particles and organisms to escape the bag you can remedy many of these problems. That said, you will also want to remove or empty what is in the vacuum often or replace the bag with a new, clean one often.

Try to not use many disinfectants around the carpet too much. The chemicals that are in these products are harmful to your carpeting and can add to fading and a general look of wear and tear. If you need your carpets deodorized for any pet accidents or spills that occur, contact your San Jose carpet cleaning company who can use a product specifically designed for carpeting and will not cause any damage.

It is your carpeting and your home and when you want it to look the best that requires a little action on your part as well. You preferred carpet cleaner in San Jose will be able to help you with all of your needs, but they must first be alerted to the fact that you need care, and that takes you, so in-between carpet cleanings keep a watchful eye out for your carpets condition.

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