Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Posted: 12/14/2008

There are many ways to clean carpets these days and the methods and tools used vary with each one. Some are wet, some are dry, some use pads and some use shampoo but it is good to know about them when deciding to have your carpets for your New Jersey home or business cleaned.

What is probably considered the most popular and widely used method of carpet cleaning in New Jersey and nationwide is a method called hot water extraction.

The type of carpet cleaning uses either portable equipment or a truck mounted machine that will spray heated cleaning solution in to your carpeting. Many of the machines or the equipment being used has rotary brushes that acts as an aggravating mechanism to further work the cleaning solution in to your carpeting for a deeper and better cleaning.

Immediately following the solutions insertion in to the carpet and the brushes doing their job a high powered vacuum that is part of the equipment will suck up the cleaning supply along with dirt, stains, soil and any other particles in the carpet.

This is considered to be one of the best methods for cleaning and for good reason, it is highly effective and leaves behind clean and fresh smelling carpet that has been sanitized and ready for use almost as if it were just installed. However you will want to make sure that when this type of carpet cleaning is being done on your carpets here in New Jersey a few simple procedures are followed by the company doing the work.

As with any service offered by a company, no matter what it is or who it is the person doing the job is the one who is in control of the finished product. If you can be there to supervise the job being done this will help as workers are less likely to do a "lax" job if they are being watched either by their supervisor or the client and you can always take the time to make sure nothing has been missed, and if so, have it corrected.

Since it is a hot water cleaning this means for optimum cleaning the temperature of the water and solution should not be any lower than 150 degrees.

Make sure that a non soap cleaning solution is being used as one that contains soaps will leave a residue behind that is not only an inconvenience, but can cause allergic reactions to those who are affected by these things.

You might not be very well versed in professional carpet cleaning machinery but you will know the difference by sound of a properly working vacuuming device as opposed to a weaker one. The reason this is important is that it is that very vacuum that will be cleaning your carpets, removing the solution and most importantly taking out the filth and dirt and other undesirable particles that have been residing in your carpets prior to cleaning.

Remember to use a quality and trusted carpet cleaning company so the right job is done from the first time, and enjoy your carpeting!

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