Glossary of Terms Relating To Carpet

Posted: 12/09/2008

Some things can be confusing just due to not fully understanding them. Many times when a person in San Diego has questions about their carpets, whether it relates to what they are made of, how they can perform proper carpet cleaning and what different terms mean they leave them by the wayside, but there are many ways to find out these answers. In order to make it easier and understandable for all San Diego area residents this article will define some of the more popular and common words, features and techniques that relate to your carpeting.

Starting with Acrylic Fibers, these are man made fibers such as Acrilan, Dolan, Dralon, Leacril and Velicren FL.

Anti Static Agent is a treatment that is applied to your carpeting in order to aid in prevention of electro static charges.

The Backing of your carpets and carpeting are either primary or secondary. Primary backing will contain either woven or non woven materials hat the pile is stitched in to. Secondary backing is the finishing layer that generally can be foam, latex, PVC, or other materials that will be applied to the primary backing to add to the appearance of the backing and advance the dimensional strength and insulation of the carpeting.

A Carpet Square is generally carpet that is two yards wide.

Fibers are the materials that are used in making a carpet such as wool, cotton and man made. Natural Fibers are fibers that include material such as cotton, silk, Flocked carpet is a technique in which short, chopped length fibers are applied to an adhesive backing material held together by electrostatic attraction.

Man Made is term that describes various types of fibers used in carpets that are made from cellulose products.

Raking is a treatment for shag carpets which keeps the pile from flattening.

Stain resistance is an application that reduces the risk of staining to your carpeting, some stain resistant products are made by DuPont, a very trustworthy name for your carpets in San Diego.

When you see the word Tufted it might vex you a bit, as it is not a word used in most everyday conversations and the meaning of it is carpet that has the piles where the fibers are stitched in to a preformed backing.

A Woven carpet is one where the backing is woven at the same time as the pile is inserted.

There are many more words, treatments, and conditions for carpeting and consulting with a carpet cleaning company in San Diego or any place you reside will help to increase your knowledge for your carpets, their care and their cleaning.

Be sure to check with the website of the manufacturer of any carpet you are considering to be sure exactly what you will be getting and use this article to help you if there are any words, terms or methods you are unsure about. Carpet can be easy to care for and carpet cleaning can be done without harm to any fibers, treatment, applications or anything else adversely affecting it.

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