Posted: 11/02/2009

Everyone loves their dog, and why not? They are there for you, give you attention, they love their owners unconditionally, they're cute, they do tricks and they even keep you warm at night if you need a companion to sleep next to you.

Speaking of companions, one thing every Minneapolis pet owner is aware of is the possibility that your dog can acquire their own traveling mates, fleas.

Fleas are more than a nuisance as they can infect an entire household and not just trouble the animal but the humans that live or visit the home. They can nip behind your knees, at your ankles and jump all around your house freely due to their extremely small size and ability to move quickly and jump, up to two hundred times the length of their bodies, to other locations to avoid being killed.

There are many ways to combat this sort of annoyance and none of them include getting rid of your dog.

Of course chemicals you can use such as the flea bombs that release a chemical that is aimed at killing the fleas and their eggs in your residence. While effective there can be problems, though, with actually getting rid of the problem.

First of all, no matter the amount of time the dog spends indoors, those fleas could be coming in from an outside location close to your home.

Every time the dog enters back in, so do the insects, requiring you to search for areas outside that you can effectively exterminate them with bug sprays and pest control companies.

One way to try and stave of the issue before having to use multiple chemicals that are hazardous to you, your family and your pet is to take your dog in for a flea bath and while the animal is away to clean your entire home remembering to vacuuming thoroughly and then have a Minneapolis carpet cleaning company come and clean and care for your carpets by removing the hiding fleas, their larvae and their eggs, especially with a hot water extraction.

Many times this will work with amazing results and you can go about the enjoyment of your day and feel secure in know your dog is clean of fleas now that you've remedied the problem.

You will definitely want to remove all of the old being, cloth toys and like objects from the home and purchase new ones since fleas and their eggs can be inside of these objects.

Most of the time when a home is infested with any kind of insect they make a point to hide in areas that they can't be seen. Cleanliness is the most effective tool a person can use to keep these bothersome critters at bay and a professional carpet cleaning company can be your first line of defense since the easiest place for these insects to take refuge is your carpeting, but if you have regular carpet cleaning performed you have taken this safe hiding spot away from them.

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