Clearing The Air

Posted: 03/02/2009

It might sound odd to entitle an article about carpeting clearing the air, but when you are down reading I am sure you will agree that the title is appropriate enough.

Air quality is quite important in any St. Paul home or business. People use humidifiers, air purifiers, neutralizers, there are filters over air conditioner vents and more.

Why are these there you may ask? Well, they are there to keep large amount of particles, dust, organisms, allergens and other air born problems out of the air you are breathing even right now.

Many of the numerous and troublesome particles and creatures that can and do travel in the air wind up in your carpeting as what goes up, most certainly comes down at some point, if even for a short amount of time.

It is not strange to read an article or informative piece about carpeting and St. Paul carpet cleaning that does not speak of dust and other debris, living or not, that comes from the air and falls to your carpeting and this is no exception.

Yes those things are in the air and yes they are in the carpeting of your St. Paul workplace or residence and while they are in the carpeting, this is your chance to get them and get rid of them so they do not rise up out of the carpeting when disturbed by feet running on it, things moving over it or any activity that would move or disturb these things making them rise back up into the air which, once freed from their trap in the carpeting, can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks and also make it quite dirty in your home.

Guess what the number one preventative method for cleaning these materials is? It is not fire or a wizard or a scarecrow, it is simply vacuuming. This is another constantly repeated practice in many written pieces about residential carpet cleaning as well as a repeated piece of advice given by virtually every, if not all St. Paul carpet cleaning technicians.

Would you like to know the other defense against these unseen problems is? Ok, since you asked nicely, it is not letting them settle in the carpet at all.

With regular cleaning and dusting, besides even the vacuuming that will pick up all of the excess that has fallen during cleaning and dusting, you can beat this issue before it even starts. Cleaning your vents, changing your air filters often and even having a doormat help with this.

Number three, and last on our list today may not surprise you, but it is true. Have professionals come and perform carpet cleaning on your carpets in your home or your business at least once every one to two years depending on the traffic it deals with and the amount of cleaning it appears to need. You will be able to tell when you carpets are dirty, it just takes a one little moment to look down and notice.

As you know the air you breathe is important and these simple steps will help to keep that air you covet much safer, healthier and clear for you.

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