Childproofing Begins with Carpeting

Posted: 02/23/2009

You've heard the term before, childproofing. It sounds a bit strange at first, but if you or someone you know are about to give birth it is most likely a good time to consider childproofing your Salt Lake City home.

Childproofing means cleaning, getting rid of elements in the house that might harm the new addition, putting padding and other soft surfaces around the house to help in case of any accidents and all around responsible care for a child who can't protect itself at such young ages.

One of the first places you can start with childproofing is with your carpeting. There are not many people out there who think of this first but when you ponder over some of the mishaps that can take place, and the fact that gravity works very well, the only place anything or anyone goes when there is a fall, spill or trip is down and the first thing they land on is the floor.

When you are childproofing your Salt Lake City home you have to also think about the size of the person you are doing this for. Children are much shorter and smaller than most of the furniture in a house and due to their natural size they will use the floors, carpeting, as their principal area of playing and discovering.

No one wants to think about any regrettable accidents and no one expects them either, but there are stories aplenty of the baby who is accidentally dropped, the child who, when running and not looking, takes a nose dive to the floor and so on.

While hard wood or tile flooring can be beautiful and sometimes easier to clean you can be certain that any spills and drops to the floor will be much harder and cause much more by way of injury than a floor with carpeting, especially if the carpeting is of a thicker variety and well padded to act as cushioning.

Speaking of gravity, anything that enters your home from dirt and soil to dust, insects and even pollutants will invariably end up on the ground, and in your home that is called the floor.

Carpeting does have a natural ability to take in and sometime release these particles but you can bet on hard flooring to not only leave them there in plain site, but to be easier for you child to sit in, play in and possibly ingest.

That is not to say that you have the perfect scenario in carpeting. You must vacuum your floors and clean them no matter what kind of flooring you have. Carpet cleaning is essential for the removal of these many different items in your carpets and it will also help with keeping them in good shape, retaining their natural bounce and clean.

Consult with a Salt Lake City carpet cleaning company and they will be able to share other good tips for childproofing and help you to keep a safe and fun home for your new child.

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