Carpets for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Posted: 11/25/2008

When purchasing a home or remodeling there are many questions and possibilities about what to do, how to do it and where to do it. One such question is in regards to carpeting for the home. Should a person use carpeting, tile or wood flooring? What rooms should be carpeted and what kind of carpeting should be used.

Two areas that are not usually receiving the carpet attention they used to are the bathroom and the kitchen. There was a time when it was more popular to carpet these rooms in San Francisco homes and apartments but with the ease of cleaning spills and other accidents on tile, that has been the preferred method of flooring as of late.

When carpeting your kitchen you will want to be sure to pick a carpet that contains a short pile of fibers, preferably made with synthetic materials that can be cleaned with ease. You will have less bounce with these short piles as they are fusion bonded and carpets and that will help to prevent spills and accidents. These types of carpets are extremely easy to clean and can be cared for with regular vacuuming and if you need them professionally cleaned, your preferred San Francisco carpet cleaning company can use hot water as well as dry methods due to the synthetic fibers.

If you are thinking about carpeting for the bathroom(s) there are benefits to this such as insulation, comfort and warmth but you will want to use carpet similar to what you would use in a kitchen. The main problem with installing carpet in bathroom is the moisture and condensation that is prevalent in these rooms. If you are using a thicker carpet material that requires a longer drying time you will definitely need to be concerned about mildew and the possibility of mold. When installing carpet in the bathroom be sure that it is firmly attached at the edges especially if you are placing upon wood floors as wood rot can occur.

As will hopefully always be mentioned by any salesperson or carpeting expert always make sure to be aware of any over wetting or water damage that can occur in these rooms. When remodeling and choosing to lay carpet in the kitchen and bathroom(s) you are making a beautiful addition to your already well cared for and loved home. Be sure to consult with experts in carpet cleaning so you will know the procedures and methods with which to care for them and be able to meet any situations that may arise.

For the sake of any future issue many people prefer to install tile and grout and other types of flooring but don't let these issues scare you as the same scenarios can transpire with tile and flooring.

Enjoy the work you will be doing on your San Francisco home or building and for carpet needs, questions, concerns and cleaning advice remember to always ask the professionals who will be happy to assist you in all of your carpet care and carpet cleaning needs.

There are carpets in kitchen and bathrooms and they must be maintained with care not only as your other carpeting is, but with a little more attention to their condition.

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