Carpeting as Energy Conservation

Posted: 09/01/2009

There is hardly a day that goes by where the price of oil does not increase, news reports in Vancouver and beyond about the greater awareness all should have in relation to the environment, global warming and every other type of possible shortage and crisis that may take place.

For starters the worst issue that can affect pretty much anyone is if they take a hit to their savings on a monthly basis as oil prices skyrocket causing not only high gas prices but seriously hitting the pocketbook with higher energy costs for the home. Yes, the environment is beyond important and must be cared for but with dwindling resources and money running scarce making it difficult for many to make ends meet the first concern is to work with ones problems at home.

In case you weren't aware of this bit of information, you might want to pay extra attention to the fact that your carpeting provides effective and proven insulation for your Vancouver home, even your workplace and this not only can save you money, but help conserve energy and send out less by way of carbon emissions.

Carpeting not only provides extra insulation that helps in cold weather but is just as helpful in warm weather, especially when the weather is of extreme conditions.

A well know fact for anyone who has lived in areas which experience cold weather or older homes is that a home or office with only wood flooring or tile will be much colder than one with carpeting. Without carpeting the cold can permeate any room or entire floor space causing the resident or occupant to use more energy by turning the heat to even higher and warmer temperatures. Since carpet is warmer when you work, play, walk or sit on it, it retains much of the body's warmth and insulates it in your building. When it is hot outside the carpet has a natural ability to keep the cooler air conditioned air inside and not let in seep out through porous wood, tile and grout.

We all want to do our best to save money and to show support for the environment in Vancouver and the world around us and even a little bit of advice and awareness such as this can help. Imagine if all of those who didn't know that carpeting is such an effective installation of heat and air conditioning were to read this and start to limit the amounts of energy they use each day now that they know they can conserve energy and do their part, no matter how small in helping to keep consumption down.

You will always want to keep your carpeting in the best conditions possible since any wear and tear by way of traffic and deep stains, soiling, odors, particles and bacteria that damage your carpets fibers and improper carpet cleaning will take that nice looking and thick carpet and turn it into thin, not very efficient flooring.

Always keep an eye on the shape of your carpets and do your best to maintain carpet cleaning and care so you can continue to not only enjoy your carpeting, but do your part in saving yourself money and helping the environment.

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