Caring For Your Carpets

Posted: 10/13/2008

We all have a time when we look down at the carpeting in our Orange County homes and think, "if only I had taken care of those stains when they happened". When this scenario rears its head then carpet cleaning professionals are the right tool for the job you need done.

As implied above, you will most certainly know when professional carpet cleaning will be required but if you need a little nudge in the way of helping you determine this you can easily compare exposed versus unexposed areas on carpeting in your home to tell you the difference between what is clean and how dirty the carpet has become. If you see a striking difference, for example with lighter colors of carpet, such as tan in the unexposed and a deeper tan or brown in the exposed areas, then yes, an Orange County carpet cleaning company is ready for your call. However with some notice and diligence there are various carpet care techniques you can perform in order to keep your carpeting in its best shape.

Soil build up is one of the main reasons carpets become dirty and regular vacuuming can help to deter this. Anytime vacuuming is avoided the soil and debris brought in, as well as the dust that collects in every home, goes not only deeper into the carpet but stays on top for all to see. Add even trace amounts of moisture to this mix and these things become stains, darker and much more difficult to clean. If you have area rugs regularly shaking them out and beating them will help greatly in avoided any buildup and keep them clean without much damage to the fibers. The amount of vacuuming required is easy to measure as high usage demands frequent, even daily vacuuming, and moderate to low usage can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Anytime, and this is imperative, any staining occurs in your Orange County home you must immediately care for and treat it in order to avoid any further damage to the carpeting, as it is well proven that if stains and spots are treated right away they can be prevented from getting worse.

You will have enough time when a spot or stain happens to either run to the store and purchase any variety of cleaning agents that if used properly will remedy your problem. However, if that is not an option available you can use simple household items such as shaving cream, paper towels and warm water to extract the stain. Merely by applying a cleaning agent or the shaving cream let it sit and remove the solution from carpet with a dry paper towel. After you have done this use a wet paper towel (with warm water) to work the rest of the solvent(s) and debris out of the carpeting. Let the spot dry with a paper towel over it and then vacuum it up.

One step that many have taken to prolong the life and appearance of their carpet is to have an anti-staining solution applied to their carpeting after having a carpet cleaning performed by a carpet cleaning company.

You and your carpets can have a long relationship if uncomplicated measures are followed and the enjoyment and savings you get will be appreciated for years to come.

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