Posted: 01/27/2009

Beer! People love beer! Sure the taste might not be for everyone but with the sheer number of choices, flavors and selection available you'd be hard pressed to not find at least one that appeals to a self professed beer hater.

There are stouts, pilsners, wheat beers, unfiltered beers, mass produced beer, micro brewed beers, warm beer, cold beer, tap beer, bottled beer, cherry, raspberry and other flavored beers, imported beers, domestic beers and beer that is brewed at home with brewing kits.

You can find beer everywhere, too. It's in every type of store that carries groceries, convenience stores, gas stations, walk up kiosks in some cities, local restaurants, San Jose bars, sports games, concerts, races, swap meets, beaches, parties, and perhaps even in your San Jose home, to name a few.

Beer comes in many types of containers such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, cans shaped like kegs, kegs, mini kegs shaped like kegs, pint glasses, mugs and plastic cups.

One of the places you might not want to find beer, however, is in your carpeting. It is possible that one of the reasons those unlucky few who dislike beer do not have a palate for it might be the smell, and if the beer is warm you can be sure that the smell will only be that much more offensive to the beer drinking challenged.

If for any reason you do find that beer has been inserted, spilled, poured, dropped, sprayed, sprinkled, vomited, or mysteriously on to your carpeting you will want to act some what quickly, or as quick as you can depending on the amount of beer you have consumed, to remove it from your flooring.

The first thing you will want to do is blot the affected beer zone with a white towel or paper towel. Make sure that you only use a white towel due to any colors or dyes in said paper towel or towel that can seep in to your light colored carpets. After you have done this take a very small amount, no larger than a teaspoon, of liquid hand soap or dish soap and mix with a cup of warm water, rinse with this he blot again. Take a small amount of white vinegar, or if the stain is a whole beer, about one cup of white vinegar and two cups of water and blot again. Apply a large paper towel, with no print or patterns and a book or other type of object over it and let dry, then vacuum after it is dry.

If, and all beer drinkers hope this is not the case, large amounts of beer is on your carpets you will want to take a large white towel and place something heavy on it to extract as much liquid goodness as you can and be sure to leave this overnight, then follow the rest of the cleaning steps.

If you would like to avoid this altogether, take a white towel, place it over the spill and consult a local San Jose carpet cleaning company to come and take care of the precious beer that has been spilled. A carpet cleaning company is a resource to have anytime an accident like this happens.

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