An Interview With A Phoenix Carpet Cleaner

Posted: 05/03/2010

Today we are spending a little time with a professional man who owns a Phoenix carpet cleaning company to find out a little more about this industry and the people inside of it.

For the sake of not being biased, for or against which company you should choose when you decide to have your carpets cleaned here in Phoenix, we will change the name of the company to Carpet Cleaning Company and his name to Mr. Smith, to be fair to the many carpet cleaning experts here in town.

Mr. Smith has been in the carpet cleaning industry for more than fifteen years and has seen a lot over that time and we thought we'd start there and ask him what are some of the benefits of using a company that has been in business for so long compared to a new start up.

"The fact is", said Mr. Smith, "that someone who just woke up one day and thought they'd start a residential carpet cleaning company just doesn't have the time and experience, the knowledge that those of us who have spent our life lives cleaning do. I have been working as a Phoenix carpet cleaning technician for over twenty years now and the first five of them I spent as a sort of apprentice. And I tell you, I learned a lot! There is no way someone who just takes a course or two and buys the equipment can expect to perform at the level of a skilled cleaner, there's just no way".

How about some of the more interesting carpet cleaning jobs he's been on.

"Oh, well, I tell you the craziest ones are the emergencies in the middle of the night. We do have twenty four service but it's not like I am there sitting by the phone with a book. You never know what you are going to see when you get there but I went out on a call, and this was in my eighth year of cleaning, and what a mess. The sewers had completely backed up on this house in downtown Phoenix and it looked like a boggy marsh you see in the south part of the country! It took me hours to extract the water and get to where I could pull the carpet and start drying. That job had to take me upwards a few days, but I saved the carpeting before any damage could take it and cleaned it back to new".

When, we ask, is it a good time to consider cleaning it yourself versus hiring a professional carpet cleaning service?

"Well, for basic surface cleanings you can do this anytime you want", said Mr. Smith, "but if you are really dealing with dirty carpets, whether you bought them or they were pre existing in your building and you haven't had them professionally cleaned over a two year period you can be absolutely sure that you are on the verge of some carpet problems. As long as you keep up with vacuuming you are doing your carpets a great service, but no matter what you have, carpeting, area rugs, even tile and grout, you must have them cleaned professionally. If you can do this type of job on your own, more power to you, but never fool yourself and let this get out of hand. The cost of cleaning is far cheaper than the cost of new carpeting and you can bet on that!"

And we will, Mr. Smith!

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