Advice for Quickly Cleaning Stains

Posted: 12/02/2008

The situation arises more often than not and in multiple scenarios but either way you slice it there is going to be staining on your carpeting. No matter the inconvenience there are much better alternatives for removing any stains or treating them yourself if you are lacking the time to call a carpet cleaning company.

If you've just ordered food from your favorite Los Angeles restaurant and dropped some on the floor, perhaps you've had a party and in the middle of celebrating one of your guests accidentally spills their bright colored drink on your light colored carpet, you didn't notice dragging that mud and snow in from this mornings snow storm that blanketed all of downtown Chicago, or any of the many other situations that come up causing your carpet to become dirty.

To quickly care for these stains and any soiling without causing any damage and you happen to be running short of various store bought carpet cleaning supplies, you only need to have just a few simple household items at the ready.

Go to the bathroom and grab a can of shaving cream. This is usually present in both men and women's homes and if you don't have any, you neighbor most likely does. You will also need three paper towels and it important to use paper towels as opposed to napkins and toilet tissue with is too thin and can break apart and get stuck in the fibers of your carpeting.

Take the shaving cream and spray it on your fingers or directly on the stain/spill and rub it into the effected area of the carpet and then let it stand for about a minute. After you've done this you want to take one of the paper towels and work out as much of the mess and shaving cream as you can, make sure the paper towel you are using is dry, and then discard. Using warm water you will want to wet down the second paper towel and repeat the first step of working out as much of the stain and shaving cream as you can. After this has been completed take the third paper towel, leaving it dry, and fold it to be the size of the satin (use extra paper towels as needed for larger areas) and firmly press down into the stain to soak up as much liquid and water as you can. It is important to let the carpet dry completely, which could take up to a few hours, and then you want to vacuum up any residue left behind.

This is quite an effective, quick and simple measure of carpet cleaning for spills that can occur and stains that appear on your carpets in Chicago and if properly treated your carpets will stay in great shape and maintain their like new appearance.

A good idea in bigger cities is to keep up with carpet cleaning and consult with professional carpet cleaning companies to ensure that your carpet remain clean and fresh. There are other ways to avoid staining and your local carpet cleaning company has the skills and tools to help you with all of your needs.

Sometimes a stain occurs and you must clean it quickly before you have to leave or guests arrive and here is a way to do just that.

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